AMETEK Introduces Compact-Housing Version of GEMCO 958A LDT

Donnerstag, Mai 24, 2018

Contact: Blake Cawley, 248-687-2032,

AMETEK Introduces Compact-Housing Version of GEMCO 958A Rod-Style Linear Displacement Transducer

Strong, Tough, Reliable GEMCO 958 LDT Takes on Demanding Hydraulic Applications with Industry-Leading Shock and Vibration Resistance

CLAWSON, MI – Linear displacement transducers (LDTs) play an important role in automation. However, today’s industrial challenges often are extreme. They include pounding, continuous vibration, high pressure, extreme temperatures, and relentless cycling. LDTs must provide accurate, reliable, absolute position feedback to help automate today’s sophisticated machinery. The sensors also must deliver value, be easy to set up, and interface easily into the host controller.

AMETEK Factory Automation designed its GEMCO®958A compact-housing, rod-style transducer to meet and exceed those demands, regardless of the application or the environment. Innovation, proprietary technology and decades of industry experience were key to the development of the 958A Compact-Housing LDT, which was designed specifically with the hydraulic cylinder market in mind.

The 958A is a rugged, accurate, programmable zero and span, auto-tuning, non-contact LDT in a compact-housing, rod-style package. Less than 1.2 inches in depth, the transducer can be installed in applications in which a rod-style transducer typically would not fit or in applications in which customers want simplified installation and serviceability. The transducer is made entirely from stainless steel and utilizes AMETEK field-proven magnetorestrictive technology to give absolute position feedback, accurate to 0.04% of the programmable sensing distance.

The GEMCO 958A LDT is built to withstand the most-severe environmental conditions and is completely absolute. That means a power loss will not cause the unit to lose position information or require re-zeroing. Its non-contact design allows the device to be used in highly repetitive applications without mechanical wear.

The GEMCO 958A can operate over a range of power (8 to 30VDC at 1.6 watts), and a variety of analog outputs with field programmable zero and span points are available. The Compact-Housing unit features an auto-tuning capability that allows it to sense a magnet other than the standard ring magnet and adjust its signal strength accordingly. Units can be ordered in English or metric span lengths from 2 inches to 100 inches (50mm to 2540mm) and come standard with either integral cable assemblies or M12 style connectors.

The compact-housing LDT also includes a diagnostic feature that indicates to the host controller if there is an issue with the sensor or if the magnet has moved outside its sensing range. All units come 100% calibrated from the factory.

Stronger, Tougher, Better
The compact-housing GEMCO 958A LDT performs flawlessly in all types of hydraulic cylinder applications.
Shock and vibration: The 958A is designed to withstand extreme vibration of up to 30Gs, 10Hz to 2kHZ (per IEC 60068-2-6) and shock up to 1000Gs, single hit (per IEC 60068-2-27) with a durability that exceeds competitive offerings
Accurate feedback: High accuracy, combined with 16-bit output resolution, provides reliable, absolute position feedback for today’s sophisticated machinery. Programmable zero and span to adjust output to match requirements
Design simplicity: Easy installation, intuitive interface with host controller and drivers, no annual calibrations or field adjustments required
Magnetorestictive technology: GEMCO transducers have been used in industrial applications for more than 30 years. Their field-proven technology delivers extreme accuracy and resolution along with unmatched reliability and durability
Electromagnetic compatibility: The 958A embedded sensor provides superior electrical noise and emissions immunity in all types of mobile systems
Versatile power supply: A wide input power range (from 8 to 30VDC) allows the 958A to be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

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